The purpose of the Foundation is to support children (birth to 18 years of age or school children of any age) to access any educational, medical, cultural or recreational service or program that, for economic reasons, the family or support system cannot afford.

Individuals and non-profit societies that work with local youth are eligible for Foundation assistance in the areas of programs or equipment acquisition that will improve the social, health or educational welfare of the youth in the Chilliwack area.

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Apply for Funding

Application for Financial Assistance

Simply fill out one of our application brochures and mail it or email it to:
Chilliwack Children's Foundation

7408 Vedder Rd #201
Chilliwack, BC, V2R 0T8

Examples of Funding Requests

  • Dental expenses
  • Hearing aid expenses
  • Educational tutoring for a child with learning difficulties
  • Leadership camps
  • Eye glasses
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Sports registrations
  • Fees related to youth clubs / youth organizations
  • Counseling services

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